Sushi Cat

Sushi Cat is a kind of leisure puzzle game with a fresh and lovely painting style. In the game, you will help chubby, a round MengMeng blue cat, to find its little girlfriend, little pink cat. Its play is pure, only need you to improve the blue cat eat, let it eat sushi regularly, crazy fast, so that you can make it see his girlfriend.

The game content of Sushi cat

In Sushi cat, you will help little blue cats gain weight and eat sushi crazily to gain weight. In the first few rounds, if the blue cat fails to achieve a certain weight, it will miss the pink cat when it comes to the store. Therefore, only after eating sushi can blue cats see pink cats and complete the task.

Sushi cat’s game features

At the beginning of each grade, you will have four lives to gain weight. But if the sushi you eat is extraordinary, then you can get experience. There are bright and colorful figures here telling a beautiful story. It is a perfect combination of physics and intelligence. It can witness the love story of a blue cat and a pink cat.

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